Franke’s Semi-Professional Faucet Fits in Any Home

The Franke Pescara 360 ° kitchen faucet range is a modern and compact design choice for your kitchen. Its simple design does not compromise its elegance and a 360 ° rotation. Fast release, magnetic holder providing great flexibility. The handle moves only forward and is ideal for use with desk tables.

The design, developed in collaboration with the design group NOA, saw some of the shortcomings of existing semi-professional kitchens and tried to improve them.

“We wanted to create a faucet that would be semi-professional, but not too big,” Christensen said, noting that some larger models could not fit inside cramped urban apartments. “The faucet should have a dual glow, a multi-functional spring and a magnetic holder,” said Christensen, where the team took some of its biggest steps forward.

Pescara faucets priced at Franke prices have precise architectural lines and are sold in a variety of styles. Pescara semi-professional faucets – available in three sizes – feature 360-degree rotating output ranges and intuitive switches that allow users to move easily between full gloss and needle. 

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