Tips for keeping your kitchen clean and disinfected

In these times, keeping our kitchens and tables clean and disinfected has taken on a special significance for our health. Moreover, we have extra time on our hands to give her a proper daily cleansing. The kitchen has more germs than any other room in your home, even more than the bathroom, according to lead microbiologist Charles Gerba, professor of public health, environmental science and immunology at the University of Arizona.


As a result, cleaning the kitchen properly helps us to avoid infections and to take care of our health and that of the whole family. Above all, this space is used to treat, prepare and store food, but with heat, steam and moisture creating the perfect conditions for the growth of bacteria and microbes. So how often do we need to thoroughly clean our kitchen? And what should we clean every day in the kitchen? Here are some tips on what to do:

Some areas need daily cleaning, namely chopping boards (the best are the plastic ones that you can put in the dishwasher or wash by hand and then bleach), the refrigerator and the cleaning napkins and cloths.

Whatever the type of work table, it should be given a quick daily cleaning to remove sauce stains, bread crumbs or other food debris.

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