How to organize your kitchen and keep it that way


To avoid an avalanche every time you look for a container or when you have to empty an entire cupboard just to dig that big casserole container, the first step is elimination. What should I throw out? Anything broken or useless. What should I give?
Anything in good condition that is no longer used or needed. According to Marie Kondo’s Konmari method, each drawer, cupboard and drawer must be completely emptied before splitting the contents. Take advantage of the opportunity to give the interior a good cleaning. Avoid the temptation to remove only the items you do not think you need, because in the end you will keep things you never really use. Keep only the basics!


It is better to spend time thinking about where everything will go, than to put it back everywhere, especially when you are organizing a small kitchen. This way, each item will have its own place where you can put it back after use, permanently eliminating the clutter in the kitchen. And if you’re putting on accessories to get a better look, now is the time to get some. Try drawer dividers, spice boxes, fabric shelves, etc.

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