Perfect choice for your bathroom

A wide and rich variety of products for bathroom furniture solutions for new homes, accommodation or under renovation, thanks to the range of sinks, different sizes and colors. Made respecting the environment and has a range of accessories, mirrors and bathtubs.

Elegance, precise dimensions, production technology, wide range of colors and sizes of AGILE basins, allow different solutions to supply any bathroom space. The collection made of clay, with a thickness of 6 mm, designed by the technical department SIMAS, is designed with the dust of its bronze frame coated with a matte surface, with a ground system or hanging on the wall.

True design concept, stylish and functional, which allows the possibilities of use for bathrooms with a limited space. Handbags are suitable for any situation, even for outdoor environments, for a funky living philosophy which is growing in both public and residential environments.

A new concept, all implemented following the European regulation UNI EN 997 which provides water sustainability and efficiency, which allow a great saving of water and energy for homes and the public sector.

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